The Emergency Wedding Day Bag Checklist

...and TOP TEN must haves!

A good Wedding Planner is like a good Coach, they will put you in a position to win

It's one of the biggest days of your life.  You've dreamed about this day since the first time you watched Cinderella.  Nothing will go wrong on YOUR wedding day, right?! 

Let me first say I believe in miracles.  They do happen.  However, the odds are stacked against everything going according to the plan.  Consider this – on average, you’ll have 2 locations, a wedding party of 18+, about 15 vendors, and chaos the week of your wedding.

I also believe in good news! If we prepare for the chaos, we can handle it.  If you are prepared for life to happen, then anything that does go astray will be taken care of without making an urgent call to your Aunt Gloria an hour before the ceremony.  

A good wedding planner is like a good coach, they will put you in a position to win (or have the best day of your life!!).  They will condition you for the big day by letting you know what to expect, where to be, and when to be there.  They will help you recruit the right people, avoid the wrong situations, and always have your best intentions in mind.  A good wedding planner will always be on your side...and have an emergency bag in their back pocket (so you can just ignore this post if you're an EVA Bride). ;)     

Mary Poppins, Ashlee, &  THE EVA Emergency Bag

Mary Poppins, Ashlee, & THE EVA Emergency Bag

One of the most common questions we've received is about our Emergency day of bag.  We like to refer to it as EVA & Co.'s Mary Poppin's bag.  When you grab the freebie checklist below you'll see why!

The bag made the trip to Disney and of course had to be pictured with Mary Poppins.  Side note, it's "improper" for Mary to act as if she's pulling her umbrella out of your bag (imagine my disappointment for this photo-op and why the bag is unzipped). 

The Ultimate list is lengthy because, a lot can go wrong. The day of your wedding is unpredictable.

BUT what if you could only pick 10 things. I've narrowed down a top ten list for you! 


Wedding Day Emergency Bag:


1. Steamer: Find a pocket steamer that is not a pain to haul around, but still gets those wrinkles out of the Bridesmaid's dresses that had to travel across country for your wedding.  This is the exact one I have!

2. Shout Wipes: Life (and wine!) happens, be prepared.  

3. Pain Reliever: Stress causes many things before and after the wedding.  No one wants to feel like poop.  Get the two-packs (like these) put them in your wedding day Welcome Bag as well.  You'll be thanked the morning after!

4. Zip Ties: You'll never believe what needs to be tied down/ won't stay down, but also you don't want it to be permanent.  Zip Tie solves it every time!

5. Gorilla Glue: When you want it to be permanent. Heel falls don't want that going anywhere again! Side Note: Gorilla Glue is made in Cincinnati!! Have to support our local glue business #gluelocal

6. Compact Sewing Kit: Do you know how many buttons are involved in a wedding?! A LOT! Also these little kits come with extra perks like scissors, extra buttons, and SAFETY PINS!!  I like this one because it's pink (and comes with all the extras)!

7. Tape: Double sided/duct/scotch: pick one and hold on! Can be used to hem that Groomsmen's pants that never got fitted.

8. Disposable Toothbrushes: I LOVE these! Everyone ends up with nasty breath after a long day. Let that first kiss be fresh and clean. XOXO

9. First Aid Kit:  I know I said 10 things, but when you can get a lot for the price of one, WINNING! New shoes = new blisters.  You'll be on your feet more than ever on best day ever.  Also in a first aid kit comes scissors, gauze, pain reliever, and/or antibiotic ointment. 

10. Clear Umbrella: Rain is lucky on your Wedding Day! You'll want a clear umbrella because you can see through it for pictures! It's much cuter than your leopard one, trust me! 



I see your shoulders tensing up as you start to calculate the cost of all these needs and the sweat start to form in your brow as you think about the "what ifs" of your perfect day.  

Stay Calm and Hire a Wedding Planner

Part of the EVA Experience is, of course, the Emergency Bag.  For our Brides we provide a tote that stays with them while they are getting ready.  This includes things such as a steamer (we're steaming 99% of the time- don't worry!- it just needs to be in your tote), snacks, mints, straws (don't ruin that lipstick girl!).  The Mary Poppins backpack stays on the Wedding Planner the entire night.  The real essentials are in there, like zip ties and gorilla glue!  

At a recent wedding the DJ asked if there was an iPhone charger in the "bag of tricks."  You better believe it! Sometimes the Brides aren't the only ones that forget something :) 


What are you most surprised by on the checklist? Is there something you think should be included? Drop us a comment below after you grab your free PDF. 

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