Behind the Scenes at Lace Bridal Couture 

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Kelly and Allen, owners of Lace Bridal Couture and  Love Curvy Bridal, are a power couple.  They are living proof that the American Dream is thriving, proving that hard work and determination pay off. These entrepreneurs started with six dresses in a bridal consignment shop and now will soon be opening their THIRD bridal boutique in the Reading Bridal District!  Inspired? Us too! And yes we see the 90% of you that really just saw the words "new bridal boutique" and totally got giddy! We feel you too

Not only are Kelly and Allen business savvy, they are truly wonderful people who care for their costumers and staff.    

We want our brides to feel as if they are working with family and friends, not just a business.
— Kelly
Fitting Rooms at Lace Bridal Couture 

Fitting Rooms at Lace Bridal Couture 

Kelly, co-owner of Lace, answered some questions for us, giving us a sneak peek into the Lace Bridal Couture experience, their new boutique, and the latest bridal trends .  

Ashlee: Tell me about the client experience at Lace from when an appointment is made to when they are walking out the door with their dress in hand.

Kelly: Our Lace bride can expect over the top communication from the very first appointment confirmation to the very final day of alterations.  We pride ourselves on becoming BFF’s with our brides!  We want our brides to feel as if they are working with family and friends, not just a business. 

Ashlee: When a bride walks into your store what do you want their first impression to be?

Kelly: We want our brides to feel welcomed and relaxed when they walk into our boutique.  We keep the atmosphere light and friendly!  Brides have a tendency to be very anxious and nervous about starting the process of wedding gown shopping, and we try our very best to calm their nerves and make the experience incredibly fun and hopefully very productive! Our consultants love getting to know the bride personally and by the end of the appointment, our consultants and brides feel as if they gained a new friend.

Ashlee: Your first wedding business was a bridal consignment boutique with 6 dresses.  How did you go from a consignment shop to opening Lace? 

Kelly: We started our business from the ground up by literally opening our doors with only 6 wedding gowns in the boutique. Since I was consigning gowns, I took in as many gowns from personal consignors as well as other bridal stores who wanted to resell their gowns, as I could.  I sold so many gowns that were from the 80’s to the early 2000’s to jumpstart our bridal business.  It was so much fun working with the brides and getting super creative with what they could do with a wedding gown that was 20 years old. 

My husband, who is also my business partner, knew that we eventually wanted to sell special order gowns.  However, it is incredibly expensive to build the sample inventory for a bridal store.  So we saved all of our money from selling consignment gowns and started slowly into moving into special order.  It took us about 2 years to go from consignment to special order.  That is when we changed the name from “Yours Truly, Kelly” to “Lace Bridal Couture.”

Kelly & Allen, owners of Lace, and the Lace staff

Kelly & Allen, owners of Lace, and the Lace staff

Ashlee: You are opening your third Bridal Boutique! What will make this store different from your other two? 

Kelly: Yes!  We are so excited to be opening a third location in the Reading Bridal District!  We currently own Lace Bridal Couture, and Love Curvy Bridal.  The third boutique will be called “Cincy Bridal!”  Cincy Bridal will cater to our high-end bride with price points starting at $3,000 and above.  Designers that will be featured in Cincy Bridal will include: Muse by Berta, Antonio Gual, Sareh Nouri, Luxury by Nicole Spose, & Barbara Kavchok.  Each of these designers will be exclusive for the whole state of Ohio, if not the entire Tri-state area.  Cincy Bridal will be a destination boutique for the bride who is searching for a gown that cannot be found anywhere else outside of the major metropolitan cities.  We will offer private appointments with the bride having the entire store to herself and her entourage.  This will make the experience even more memorable.

Ashlee: What would you want a bride to know prior to making an appointment at any bridal boutique? 

Kelly: A bride must come with an open mind when shopping for her gown.  She must also have her most trusted support team with her and limit it to about 3-4 people.  Having too many opinions when she is trying on gowns makes it very difficult for the bride to decide for herself.  Also, the bride really needs to know her budget.  If she is shopping for a gown and has not discussed budget with the person paying for the gown, then she might as well not start shopping.  It’s never fun to see a bride fall in love with a gown, but not have the money to pay for it.

Ashlee: What's your favorite wedding day accessory?

Kelly: A veil! The veil just completes the look and makes a bride, a bride.


Lace has been around forever and it will never go out of style
— Kelly
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Ashlee: What's trending now and what do anticipate in 2019?

Kelly: We are seeing a huge trend towards bridal capes.  The bridal cape is so fashionable and so ethereal!  We have several designers who are incorporating capes with the gowns.  Some of the capes are replacing veils, which actually looks very cool!    There is still a trend for color.  Lots of blush gowns as well as light blue gowns.  They are just such a nice twist on the classic bridal gown.

Ashlee: What bridal trend is here to stay?

Kelly: LACE!!!  Lace has been around forever, and it will NEVER go out of style!

(should have put money on this answer!) 

Ashlee: When you are not making wedding dreams come true, where can we find you?

Kelly: You can find me at home with my husband and my three beautiful boys!  They keep me very busy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Kelly, co-owner of Lace, and two of her boys

Kelly, co-owner of Lace, and two of her boys

If you'd like to schedule an appointment at Lace Bridal Couture you can do so through their online scheduler here 

Find more info on Love Curvy Bridal here


Thank you Kelly for taking the time out of your VERY busy schedule to answer questions for us about your amazing bridal boutique! We can't wait to see Cincy Bridal!! 


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