The EVA Experience

How does this work? What should I expect?

1. Chat

Your first meeting with Ashlee will be complimentary with coffee or a drink on us! All we really require is that for at least the first 30 minutes you tell us EVERYTHING… “all the things.” Yes, please!

During the first meeting we will discuss what, if anything, you’ve booked so far. Discussing venues booked, guest list numbers, and how you envision your day from planning to design will help us come up with a proposal for pricing.

2. Book

After you as a couple or family (who ever is graciously picking up the wedding day tab) decide you are ready to

3. plan

LET’S PLAN YOUR BEST DAY EVER! Depending on the package you have picked, it’s either time to start planning with me right at your hip or you’ve decided to tackle that beast by yourself and I’ll be there for the coordinating at the end!

Your timeline starts to take shape at 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day! Vendors are called and logistics of the day are handled by us on your behalf. The timeline will go through approximately 75 edits, but don’t worry- you won’t see those!

4. four-six weeks out

We ensure your rehearsal runs seamless and all parties involved feel comfortable in the special in the role they play in the

5. Rehersal

It’s finally here!!!

6. best day ever