This is us.

Welcome! I'm Ashlee, owner of EVA & Co. Events.  I am proudly a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society! 

This is us, EVA & Co. E= Ellee, the sweet little blonde, V= Vivee, the petite brunette that looks like she'll start a fire when you turn your back (you're right, she will), A= Ashlee (me) the tall blonde and the Co= my super good looking husband.  I just couldn't forget him! So, in short, no my name is not Eva, although; I do like when people refer to me as my alter ego ;) 

You deserve THE best for your wedding or event.   You will be able to sit back and relax the months prior to and day of your event knowing that EVA & Co. has you as their #1 priority. 




Fun Facts about Ashlee:

I love to make lists just so I can cross them off

Jesus will always be my #1 Jam

Sweat pants and stilettos are of equal value to me

I graduated from WVU (Let's GOOO) with my Masters in Occupational Therapy. I worked with pediatrics - they'll always have my heart

I'm a wanna be Ballerina. Barre classes are my obsession and I often find myself standing in first position like a dork.

You'll find a notepad by my bed of ideas and dreams. I think best at night and have to write it down as soon as I think of something!

My Dad's middle name is Lee. Hence, why my name is spelled AshLEE, my sister (BFF) is EmiLEE, and my kid's names end two "ee's"! My dog is even Rudee. See if you can catch their names in the Wedding Planning Services. ;)

Something White & Black was my first Etsy shop that I started in 2009 selling things I made for Wedding. Such as Tears of Joy packets and custom wine glasses

I believe kindness is contagious and one thing you will never have to apologize for